Women’s Sunglasses One of the key accessories to any look is a pair of sunglasses and if they are polarized better, no matter what time of year in Spain the country of the sun in both summer and winter sunglasses can never miss to protect us from UV rays, we need to protect our eyes throughout the year. Every season the sunglasses are reinvented adopting new forms and colors. This year the reign is that of the classic sunglasses that give us a unique style and combine with everything, whether it be with a t-shirt, frames and multicolored dyed lenses. Choosing your new sunglasses is sometimes not an easy task so we will show you the best sellers.



Trend and UV Protection

There is a trend towards sunglasses with mirrored and polarized lenses, we thought that a mixture of mirrors and smoked in our collection could not miss either. to protect you from UV rays. In terms of colours, we go for bright tones, multi-coloured frames in which the most flattering colours are fused with the always successful neutral tones, such as black and brown. Take care of your visual health while showing off your style with your new sunglasses, all the trends of the season in women’s sunglasses.


Protecting your eyes from the sun is no longer just one of the main fashion accessories in today’s women’s sunglasses to achieve the best style. Just like when we protect ourselves from the sun at the beach or in the mountains with a good sunscreen, the same thing happens and with more importance for our eyes. Selecting high quality polarized lenses sunglasses is essential to protect you from UV rays all year round, not just during the summer months.